Wendy Brayton - Biography

Brilliant white, it shimmered under the summer sun and breathed with a life of its own. It touched the sky and stretched as far as an eye can see, winding itself across the hills like a huge serpent. It was not silent, it bellowed with the wind. I was five years old when Christo's Running Fence appeared across my front yard. The memories of Christo's Fence have inspired me through my own artistic journey. The Running Fence has allowed me to dream of the limitless possibilities. It has taught me that art is not the sole product of inspiration but also includes determination, hard work and collaboration.

I am the second generation to be raised in Sonoma County. As a child, I had no idea how fortunate I was to be living in such a beautiful diverse part of California. It took me moving away to New York to finally understand. I returned home to Sonoma County and enrolled in school to earn a degree in sculpture from Sonoma State University. Since graduation, I have become a plein air painter, spending three to four days a week painting on location. Recently, I returned to school and completed my Masters in Fine Art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

"I make art because I have to. I have paint speckled car seats, paint under my nails and a house of disarray. I have a drawer dedicated to my paint clothes but somehow my other clothes sneak their way in. I juggle a family, teaching three days a week and my passion for art. All my worries are forgotten and time evaporates, the moment my brush hits the canvas."

“I was born in Ashland Oregon to young parents who had a candle making business and traveled to festivals. When I was three, we moved to California to live on my grandparent's ranch. Growing up in the country as an only child with no television meant I spent a lot time being creative. But it was not until after I had a family of three sons that I became an artist”.