Sev Ickes - Biography

Every Sev Ickes painting is a celebration of life! Her style of art is called naive, a term the art world uses to identify the work of self-taught artists. For them, the rules of perspective and proportion do not apply. The results are straight from the heart reflections of the artist's view of the world. When the artist is Sev Ickes, that view is one that lives in that never-never land we call memory. Her bright colors, delightful sense of humor and myriad details soon lead to a bemused investigation of the whole canvas to make sure one hasn't missed a single expression.

Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, Sev began her full time career as an artist in 1983. Naive may be the process, but Ickes brings a wisdom and skill that speaks eloquently and in many tongues. Her paintings have been sold in galleries in the USA, Central America, Japan and Europe.