Don McCullough - Biography

Don McCullough was introduced to photography by a father who routinely held up family vacations by crawling around in search of the perfect shot. Don got over this annoyance in time to study traditional darkroom

techniques in college, but he set aside his camera to pursue graduate studies that eventually took him to Scotland (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh). Not until 2000, when his father gave him a medium-format film camera, did he renew this interest. Most recently, he has expanded his creative options with the use of digital equipment.

Although Don makes the occasional color print, his primary work is with black-and-white. He has always been drawn to its dramatic impact, and loves its abstraction: it depends wholly on the basic elements of form, composition, texture, and contrast. Influenced by Ansel Adams’ “zone system,” Don aims for a full tonal range, from rich black to bright white.

In addition to making pictures, Don is also a retired pastor from the Mendocino Presbyterian Church as well as a published writer of many articles, seven non-fiction books, and one newly finished novel.

Don McCullough’s work has earned awards from the Mendocino Area Parks Association Art Show (Grand Prize), the Mendocino Art Center Juried Show, the International Photography Exhibition, the San Diego Natural History Museum Photography Show.