Cheryl Feng - Biography

Cheryl explores the polarities of life through her art. Her subjects include mostly wildlife, nature and figurative art in watercolors, oils and precious metals. She received her education and inspiration from various teachers throughout her life.

“I am devoted to creating an outward expression of the inner experience of my journey which I hope resonates with the experience of fellow human beings”.

About my painting style... I use aura-like outlines to symbolize the energy fields of living beings, and halos for the holy, compassionate spirit of love that life emanates. I also use gold and silver watercolors and gouache as a nod to illuminated manuscripts or paintings of the past.

Cheryl is passionate about and active in promoting wildlife conservation and the humane treatment of all living beings. She gifts a portion of each of her sales towards humane causes.


The holiness of life.

"I relish exploring ephemeral moments and the ethereal mysteries of this human existence. So many experiences drop me to my knees. The rapture of looking into the eyes of an animal. The bliss of an Indian summer breeze. The piercing cold of deep winter. The grief of the death of a dear one. The joy of swaddling an infant.”